About Us

Our centre provides specialist psychiatric assessment, management and counseling for people with mental health problems. It has a particular interest in providing Forensic Psychiatric services. Forensic psychiatry is a subspecialty in psychiatry. It encompasses the interface between law and psychiatry. The applications of forensic psychiatry are widespread in settings ranging from health care and the workplace to criminal justice and public safety.

In addition to providing general psychiatric services, our specialist in psychiatry, Dr. Ho Mei Yee, Robyn can help the Courts to evaluate an individual’s competency to stand trial, defenses based on mental disorders or defects, and sentencing recommendations. She can also act as an expert witness and provide an independent opinion to the court in criminal proceedings. She is available to be retained as an expert in civil litigation, including claims related to psychiatric disability, negligent infliction of emotional harm, post-traumatic stress disorder, testamentary capacity, and various competencies. Dr. Ho is also able to offer comprehensive violent risk assessment and management, which is important in preventing violence amongst mental health patients.